An exclusive business network for founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs in the fitness & wellness industry.

Each Overactive candidate undergoes a thorough interview, vetting, and evaluation process before receiving an invitation.

Our acceptance rate is less than 10%, reflecting our commitment to maintaining the quality and integrity of our fitness and wellness leadership community.

The Overactive Community is founded on a robust framework of member benefits, offering comprehensive support and resources for our elite members.

As part of this community, you’ll gain access to all of these exclusive benefits, with the added promise of continuous enhancements and new perks being introduced regularly.



At the heart of the Overactive experience are our monthly Group meetings, the only compulsory aspect of membership.

Upon joining Overactive, our dedicated team will thoughtfully select fellow members to form your group, ensuring you are matched with other fitness and wellness leaders, guided by a seasoned executive facilitator.

Groups are assembled with a focus on industry alignment and similar business metrics such as revenue, growth, user base, and team size.

These group meetings are held virtually, lasting 2 hours, and occur 12 times annually.

Consider your group as your personal advisory board - a trusted circle to offer strategic advice, insightful feedback, and support the rapid growth of your venture.

Each meeting is meticulously structured by your facilitator, following a proven Overactive methodology.

This ensures discussions are focused and productive, addressing the most critical aspects of your professional and personal development.



As a member of Overactive, you gain instant access to our expansive digital community.

We take pride in a remarkable 85% engagement rate, with members actively involved in supporting each other and sharing valuable insights.

Whether you're navigating a new funding round, considering executive hires, or finalizing a major contract, chances are, another Overactive member has been there and is ready to assist.

You'll have exclusive access to the private Overactive directory and portal. Here, every member is listed with their contact details, and you can even locate Overactive members on a map. This feature is especially handy for arranging local meet-ups or regional gatherings.

Upon joining Overactive, you'll also be introduced to our Community Managers. You will be assisted with onboarding, connecting with your group, to our trusted advisor, and guiding you to relevant speaker series or in-person events.

Additionally, our weekly Overactive newsletter keeps you in the loop. It highlights key discussions from our community, welcomes new members, and ensures you're up-to-date with everything happening in our vibrant network.



At Overactive, our in-person event strategy revolves around three key elements: member dinners, annual retreats, and local adventures.

We recognize that our members cherish the opportunity to meet and connect in person.

That's why we organize member dinners across various cities. In major cities like London and Manchester, our goal is to host two dinners annually. As our community expands, so will the number of these gatherings. And the best part? They're all organized and funded by Overactive.

Regarding our annual retreats, we're in the early stages of planning. Our vision is to offer a two-day, luxury retreat focused on personal and professional growth for every member of a core group, all arranged by Overactive.

Finally, for those who love adventure and fun, we're designing a variety of exciting activities – think hiking in the Peaks, skiing in Tignes, or Wellness Retreats in Ibiza. These events are open to all members and promise unforgettable experiences. Stay tuned for more on these exciting activities!



At Overactive, we understand the significance of learning from top experts and staying ahead in your field.

That's why we organize exclusive workshops and invite distinguished speakers to engage with our members on a wide range of topics.

Our guest list has included renowned figures such as industry-leading CEOs, innovative entrepreneurs, and key influencers.

If there's a particular expert or topic you're interested in, let us know. We strive to accommodate our members' preferences and are often able to facilitate these unique learning opportunities.



At Overactive, we've negotiated special deals with leading software companies, essential tools, and popular apps, all available exclusively to our members.

In addition, we're crafting the Overactive Preferred Vendor List, giving you immediate access to a curated selection of vendors and software recommended and reviewed by fellow Overactive members and our Trusted Advisors.

Whether you're in search of the perfect HR solution, a skilled developer, reliable meal prep or a reputable local marketing agency, we've got your needs covered.